Giving back together

If you recently bought an Olymel, Lafleur or Flamingo product, you may have noticed the PURCHASE AND GIVE BACK logo on the packaging. This logo serves as a reminder that these brands, through the PURCHASE AND GIVE BACK PROGRAM, have committed to give back $1,250,000 to Moisson du Québec over the course of the year for a second consecutive year.

Millions of serving of meat given
back in 2018


Servings of chicken



Servings of pork



Servings of deli meats

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Continuous support for food banks in your area

By giving back $1,250,000 to Moisson du Québec, Olymel, Lafleur and Flamingo continue their mission to feed the world.

Their support revolves around the following:

This assistance is spread among Les Moisson throughout all regions of the province for 12 months. The food banks collect basic foodstuffs and redistribute them to food organizations that provide food provision bags to those in need.

Giving back to the hungry

“What are we eating?” It's a common question heard every night. But imagine if “Nothing!” was the only answer you could give, and that plates sat empty because food banks were closed due to a lack of food… it's an unfortunate scenario that affects approximately 5% of the Quebec population.

Each month, more than 400,000 individuals rely on food banks, community organizations or food distribution centres for a bag of groceries, a meal or a snack. And each year, Les Moisson and the 1,000 organizations associated with the Quebec Food Bank network answer approximately 20 million requests for assistance.

More worrisome still is the fact that this number is constantly growing and almost half of organizations are unable to fulfill all requests due to a lack of food supplies.

Purchase and give back
  • There were more than 20 million requests for food assistance
  • 5.3% more applications than in 2015
  • 46.2% of organizations had a lack of food supplies

Source: Quebec’s Food Bank Network, Bilan faim 2016

Many thanks!

By choosing Olymel, Lafleur or Flamingo products, you help feed families in need while appeasing the hunger of hundreds of thousands of Quebecers. Help us give back to Moisson du Québec: look for the PURCHASE AND GIVE BACK logo in your grocery store.
Because together, we can feed the world.